Family of Faith Lutheran Church By-Laws

Article 1 – Date of Organization
Family of Faith Lutheran Church, Traverse City, Michigan was organized December 3, 2007.  The financial accounting period ends on December 31st of each year.
Article 2 – Congregational Meetings
There shall be one congregational meeting each APRIL pursuant to C10.0. The meeting shall include the presentation of reports from the Pastor, pastoral counseling center, officers, committees and any other reports on the mission of the church.  The meeting will also adopt the budget for the following calendar year, and include other items as specified in advance by the congregational council.
Article 3 – Congregational Voting
Congregational council elections and pastoral calls shall be conducted during the regular or special meetings of the congregation. Floor nominations for council members may also be made during a regular or special meeting. The voting is done by ballot, unless an alternative vote method is approved by a 2/3 majority vote.  In the initial year, Council member terms will be staggered so that 2 will have 1-year terms, 2 will have 2-year terms, and the balance will be 3-year terms.  Thereafter, the terms will be for 3 years.  The specific method to determine how the term-lengths will be allocated will be decided at the initial meeting.
Article 4 – Duties of the Officers
1.      President: shall preside at meetings of the congregation and the Congregational Council.  
2.      Vice President: shall serve as President in the President's absence. The Vice President will lead the Congregational  Council in long range planning.
3.      Secretary: shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the congregation and of the Congregational  Council.
4.      Treasurer: shall oversee the financial records of the congregation and shall oversee the receipt of all funds and the disbursement of all funds.  The Treasurer will make financial reports to the Congregational Council on a regular basis.  The Treasurer will work with a financial secretary in the receipt of funds and in sending out financial reports to contributors.  The Treasurer has authority to sign and submit tax returns or other related forms and to speak to the Internal Revenue Service or other taxing authority.
Article 5 – Committees of the Congregation
1.      Executive Committee: The officers of the congregation, including the outgoing President and Pastor (s) shall constitute the Executive Committee.
2.      Audit Committee: a committee of three congregational members may be appointed by the Congregational Council and will audit the records on a regular basis.  Terms of office will be 3 years with one member elected each year. In the initial year, the term of office for the respective members will be 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year. The bookkeeper and Treasurer are excluded from the the Audit Committee.
Article 6 – Mission Statement
The mission of the congregation is: “Experiencing and sharing the love of Jesus”
The mission statement of the congregation is: “In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ we are a congregation where each person is honored and respected for their individual gifts and contributions.  We commit to making disciples by serving our local community through the generous sharing of our resources, deeds and faith so that all god's children will come to know the meaning of living a life in Christ.”
The vision statement of the congregation is: “We will be a beacon of god's light for the entire grand traverse community.  attracting individuals from every walk of life through our diligent discipleship, through our abundant generosity, and through our faithful witness to the love of Christ. 
Once gathered, family of faith will be nurtured through an exciting yet meaningful worship experience, encouraged by dynamic Christian teaching, strengthened by the daily use of god's holy word.
Equipped with the love of  Christ and the power of the holy spirit we will venture forth to become instruments of god's love to all we meet through our acts of sharing and by easing the pain and brokenness of all those who are in need.”
Our statement of values is: “Family of Faith is Lutheran in theology, practicing the unconditional love and acceptance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  we are in association with “Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ” which means that we are free in Christ, accountable to one another, rooted and grounded in the scriptures and Lutheran confessions, and that we are working to fulfill Christ's great commission to make disciples of all nations.”
Article 7 – Inclusivity
The Congregation welcomes members of both genders to run for Congregational Council and serve on various committees.  The congregation welcomes persons of any color and ethnic background.
Article 8 – Pastoral Counseling Center
The Congregation, as one of it's ministries, may offer pastoral counseling services to the community on a for fee basis; sliding fees are to be available with discounts for members of the congregation.  The center will be staffed by a professional, other than the Congregation's Pastor, who is a trained and certified pastoral counselor with a similar theological background as the congregation.
Article 9 – Mission Endowment Fund
If the congregation has a mission endowment fund, donations will be accepted and invested in an account separate from the general operating funds of the congregation.  The purpose of the mission endowment fund will be to provide for mission work beyond the operating budget of this Congregation.  The Congregation will elect three members to oversee the fund.  A Mission Endowment Fund Committee will be appointed to oversee the distribution of the fund.
The heart fund will be funded from the first ten percent (10%) of the congregation's giving into the general fund.   A heart fund committee will oversee the distribution of the fund in pursuance of the congregation's mission/vision statement.


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