Pumpkins face paint for Halloween

Are you planning a Halloween party? To make the holiday fun, you will definitely need to paint your faces to transform into a sinister pumpkin, zombie, or bloody nurse for one day. To do this, of course, you will need paints and brushes with which you can create the desired image.

If you have never tried to paint faces and are new to this business, this article will be useful to you. We will tell you how to choose the right face paints, how to use them and which brushes to choose.


What paints to choose to make pumpkin faces with paint?

If you plan to paint faces only for adults, then you may well use the classic theatrical make-up. It covers the skin well, but is oily.

Oily paints are good for adults, but not at all suitable for children. Therefore, if you have children, classical theatrical make-up will not work for you. To paint the faces of children, it is better to use water-soluble paints. To a certain extent, they are somewhat similar to watercolors – they are activated with water.

Applying face painting to the skin is a simple process. You can easily learn how to do this in just a few workouts. The paints dry quickly on the skin, and are easily washed off. Therefore, if something did not work out the first time, you can quickly wash off the unsuccessful drawing and start over. The applied drawing is quite durable and does not flow.

How to choose the right pumpkin face paint

Today you can find a wide variety of pumpkin face paint, but do not rush to buy the first ones. First, pay attention to two main nuances.

1. Composition of paints

Be aware that cheap, low quality paints can contain harmful substances such as lead. Therefore, be sure to check what is included in their composition before buying.

During the celebration, the paint is on the face for several hours, so it is necessary that during contact with the skin it does not emit harmful substances. Before buying paints, ask the seller for instructions to make sure that their composition is harmless.

2. Are paints recommended for children?

Even good quality paints are not always suitable for children. Children’s skin is more susceptible to various irritants than adult skin. Therefore, while studying the instructions, pay attention to whether the manufacturer recommends using paints to create drawings on the faces of children.

How to choose pumpkins face paint accessories

Obviously, in order to paint your face on Halloween, colors alone will not be enough for you. In addition to the palette itself, you will also need various aids, namely:

  • – a special brush for applying face painting;
  • – sponges;
  • – shine.

To create a pumpkin pattern on your face, you will also find the following accessories useful:

  • – stencils (usually they come with the paints themselves, but if they are not there, then you can purchase them separately);
  • – two bowls for water (one for brushes, the other for sponges);
  • – large mirror;
  • – paper towels;
  • – a bottle with a spray of water;
  • – cotton swabs;
  • – an ordinary cloth towel.

If you plan to do face painting outdoors, you will additionally need:

  • – a large umbrella (to shelter from the sun);
  • – armchairs or chairs.

How to choose stencils for pumpkin faces with paint

Stencils are very useful for those who have not yet learned how to create drawings from memory. They will help you save a significant amount of time and will allow you to create straight lines.

The paint kit you bought may not have enough stencils you want (or may not). In this case, you will have to buy the necessary stencils or try to find them on the Internet. By the way, they can often be found on the websites of paint manufacturers and even downloaded for free.

You do not need a second person to practice applying face paint. You can train on a dummy. If there is no dummy, even a piece of paper will do. Although, a mannequin is of course preferable.

 In general, creating the image of a pumpkin can be considered one of the simplest. Other designs can be difficult for an inexperienced painter. Therefore, if you want to start with something simpler, then start with a pumpkin.

If there are many children, then obviously they do not want all to be pumpkins. Therefore, you have to create a variety of images. For girls, drawings of butterflies, cats, flowers are well suited. Boys will love pictures of tigers or pirates.

If you suddenly run out of ideas, look at which cartoons have been popular in recent years. Cartoonists are constantly creating new interesting images, so that you can learn interesting ideas from cartoons, and not use old ideas that were relevant 10 years ago.


How to use pumpkin face paint?

1. Application of paint on the face

Children are usually restless and not ready to sit in one place for a long time. Therefore, you should apply paint to your face as quickly as possible. To do this, it is advisable for you to have a separate brush for each color, so as not to wash it every time. If there are not enough brushes in the kit, we recommend purchasing them separately.

Keep in mind that special brushes are used to apply face painting. Therefore, you cannot take those that are used to paint with watercolors on paper.

  Face painting should not be diluted with water too much. The paint should be of normal consistency. If the paint is too liquid, then it will spread over the face, and the drawing itself will be too pale. On the other hand, you should not make the paints too thick, otherwise it will be difficult for you to smear them on your face.

2. Using brushes

To get a good face painting, you will need different types of brushes, in particular: thin, wide, flat and pointed. It is better to choose brushes made of synthetic hair; they do not swell on contact with water and do not lose hair.

3. Drawing thin lines

To draw a thin line, you can either use a thin brush or use the edge of a flat brush for this purpose. If you use the edge of a flat brush, then it is better to draw the line with separate neat strokes, otherwise its thickness will fluctuate.

4. Drawing near the eyes

It is highly undesirable for the paint to get into the eyes. If paint gets into the eyes, it will not cause significant harm, however, in this case, the child will need to wash thoroughly, which means that he will wash off all the drawing applied before, and you will have to start over.

Reassure your child that you will try to apply the drawing as quickly as possible. It is important that at this time he clearly follows your commands, for example, keep his eyes closed or only look up so that you can apply paint under the eyes.

5. Application of paint over large areas

Do not try to paint over a large area with thick strokes right away. Work gradually. Paint over small areas of the area slowly. At the same time, start painting from the borders of the area and gradually move towards the center.

6. What to do if you were unable to create a beautiful drawing?

If something does not work out for you, and the child is upset, never say, “It will do just that”. It is important for the child that the drawing is cool, because he is afraid that they will laugh at him. Therefore, do not leave a bad drawing on the child’s face.

The main advantage of face painting is that it can be washed off quickly and easily. Therefore, we recommend that you wash off the unsuccessful drawing and start over.

So that you do not have such unpleasant situations, practice well in advance. It is best to train on a dummy.


Halloween face painting is a great way to keep both adults and kids entertained. Of course, in order to professionally learn how to create great images, it will take time. Besides, you should take into account that it is always more difficult to paint a child’s face than an adult’s, because children are not ready to sit in one place for too long.

Moreover, the more complex a drawing is, the more time it will take to learn how to create it. Ultimately, however, after a few workouts, you will definitely learn how to do it. This means that the celebration of Halloween will be fun and perky.